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WXBR-V Transformer Capacity Load Tester

brief introduction:WXRS-V Transformer Capacity Load Tester
WXBR-V Transformer Capacity Load Tester


WXBR-V can test the transformer capacity, type, no-load current, no-load loss, short circuit (load) loss, resistance voltage, etc. It is small in volume, light in weight, in high accuracy, with steady property, easy to operation can replace the traditional testers. It is displayed by LCD, operated by menu, with friendly interface, is the first choice for all customers.


1.Can accurately measure capacity of distribution transformer , convenient and accurate.
2.Measure the transformer no-load current, no-load loss; short-circuit voltage, short circuit (load) loss, capacity.
3.The device with auto switching range, allow measure wide range voltage and current, simple wiring;
4.The device can auto check if the wire was correctly connected, and display the vector diagram of three phase current, voltage when test the three phase transformer.
5.Single machine can make the loading test for substation transformer under 1000KVA; can make the loading test with 1/3 of the rated current for substation transformer under 3150KVA (the device can convert to the loading losses parameters if the rated current under 1/3 of the rated current)
6.All the related test results are automatically corrected. Instrument can automatically such as: the waveform correction, temperature correction, non-rated voltage correction, calibration, and other non-rated current correction, so that more accurate test results.
7.320x240 LCD, friendly man-machine interface, brilliance control, adapts to all seasons. 
8.The device can be preset 40 groups parameters of testes objects, and these parameters can be deleted or added at any time as needed, easy to use.
9.With electronic clock, auto record the data, time, it is good for saving and managing the test results.
10.Panel type printer can print the test results on site.
11.Data (specimen setting, test results, measurement time) can be saved on power failure and can be reviewed, it can store 500 groups test results, can connect with computers to transmit data. 

12.Allow external connecting CT and PT to make extension measurement, can test the specimen with any parameters. 


1.         Service conditions







Outside interference

no exceptionally strong vibration, no extra - strong electromagnetic fields.

Power supply


2.        Main technical parameters

Active parts:

Current output

0 ~ 10A

Voltage measurement

0 ~ 10V

Test Capacity

10KV oil-immersed, dry-type transformers: 30KVA ~ 2500KVA

35KV oil-immersed transformers: 50KVA ~ 31500KVA

20KV dry type transformers: 50KVA ~ 2500KVA

35KV dry type transformers: 50KVA ~ 2000KVA

Features parts:


0~450V (phase voltage), 0 ~ 800V (line voltage), auto-switch the measurement range


0 ~ 100A, auto-switch the measurement range


45Hz ~ 65Hz

3.    Test accuracy


 20 ~ 100V, ± 0.2% FS; 100 ~ 450V, ± 0.2%


0.5 ~ 10A, ± 0.2% FS; 10 ~ 100A, ± 0.2%


± 0.5% (CosΦ> 0.1), ± 1.0% (0.02 <CosΦ <0.1)

4.    Dielectric strength

The insulation resistance between voltage, current input terminal and the chassis≥100MΩ.

Between power supply input terminal and the shell can withstand  2KV (rms), for 1 minute

5.    Dimension


6.    Weight

 6kg (not including test lines)